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Brittany S.
We love copper pearl! The swaddles were the best, beautiful designs and big enough to actually wrap around a baby, just the right amount of stretch and so so soft! Now my daughter is 1 and we’ve been loving our 3-layer quilts! We’ve had to buy another quilt (aw bummer 😉) because it’s the only one she sleeps with! ❤️ Brittany S. Verified Buyer


Prevent unwanted leaks, spills, and stains.

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Kari E.
Our son has acid reflux and we would soak a regular burp cloth with one spit up. With our new Copper Pearl cloths, we are able to use one much longer!!! Kari E. Verified Buyer


Products that help you and your baby cover up.

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Sarah H.
I was given this swaddle blanket and matching top knot hat from my mother in law because she knows how much I love sloths! It’s BEAUTIFUL! The fabric is so soft and stretchy making it amazing for wrapping up your little baby in. I can’t wait to look through all the prints and find another few to love! Sarah H. Verified Buyer

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We create unique custom baby accessories that are trendy and fashion-forward. We stand behind each of the products in our collection, delivering the highest quality fabrics and designs with a 100% money back guarantee.

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