11 Easter Basket Gift Ideas

11 Easter Basket Gift Ideas

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Easter is right around the corner! Whether your kids get Easter baskets full of fun surprises, hunt Easter eggs, or both, we’ve got 11 Easter basket gift ideas that aren’t candy you can use this year.

Sidewalk chalk

All a child needs is a little imagination and a pack of sidewalk chalk to keep themselves entertained for hours at a time. Just keep them confined to the driveway for safety, and let their artistic skills run wild. Drawing with them, playing tic-tac-toe, or creating Hop-Scotch trails will add to the fun. 

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Spring themed teethers

How precious are these bunny teethers on Etsy? The website is full of Easter themed teethers in all kinds of styles from small businesses and independent makers that would make a great addition to your tiny tot’s basket.

Bib set

Our bandana baby bibs are super absorbent to keep your little one dry and drool free. Plus they come in all kinds of adorable patterns for spring. This holiday set even has one for Easter! Our bibs are trendy accessories for them plus they save you from frequent outfit changes, so they’re a gift for you too! 


Every kid loves stickers, and they are abundantly easy to find. Stickers also make a great substitute for candy if you want to give your kids an Easter egg hunt without all the sugar. Pro tip: peeling the sheet of paper off from around the stickers first makes it easier for little hands to remove the stickers themselves. 


Plastic gold coins are always exciting. Quarters, nickels and dimes are also easy to stuff in those colorful plastic eggs, and for a child, even a small amount of money is exciting. It’s like the tooth fairy and the Easter bunny joined forces! Remember, it’s important to let children handle coins only with proper supervision. 

Copper Pearl | Headband Bows

Headband bow

Your baby girl’s Easter photos need one of these precious bow headbands. Just trust us.

Puzzle eggs

Here’s another alternative to hiding candy-filled eggs - puzzle eggs! This egg-shaped puzzle toy for ages 2+ helps develop colors, logic, and fine motor skills.

Or for older kids, buy an age-appropriate jigsaw puzzle and hide a couple pieces in each egg. Just make sure you remember where they are all hidden so pieces don’t end up lost.

Mini Lego sets

Encourage playtime and creativity with some Legos. Larger sets can run pretty pricey, but there are plenty of mini sets that will fit nicely in an Easter basket. This one is even Easter themed!

Butterfly hair clips

Anyone else get butterfly and ladybug hair clips in their Easter eggs every year as a child? Keep the traditional alive and get some cute hair clips for your own little ladybug.

Crayons and coloring book

If celebrating the resurrection is a part of your family’s Easter traditions, then share the story of Jesus’s love and sacrifice with your kids through this mini coloring book and crayon set. A new coloring book and a fresh pack of crayons or markers will always get your kids’ creative juices flowing. 

Personalize it

The possibilities are endless. If you have the extra time, you can also seek out a few unique items to personalize each of your kid’s baskets. 

If they like to play outside, get them a miniature soccer ball. Or if they enjoy baking with you in the kitchen, you could fill their basket with their own baking play set of measuring spoons, bowls and mini spatulas.

Try hitting up the dollar stores and the Target $1 section for more ideas, and have a Happy Easter!

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