Top 5 Teething Tips

Top 5 Teething Tips

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Just when you think your baby's gummy smile can't get any cuter, she starts getting little teeth. Voila! Even sweeter. The road to getting those adorable, new chompers can be paved with agony, however. I'm guessing if you're still reading, you've either been there or you're there now: fussy days and potentially sleepless nights. Luckily, there are remedies for teething babies that can help ease your little one's suffering, and hopefully calm your nerves as well. 

Here's five remedies for teething babies to try today: 

  1. Take to the teether.

It's not rocket science, and it's the method most of us probably try first, but don't discount a good baby teether. Especially helpful for baby's aching gums are teethers which can be chilled in the refrigerator. A vibrating teether is also an awesome choice, as it provides counter pressure and a distracting sound. 

  1. Try a gum massage.

If your baby is just getting started in the teething game, your clean finger or knuckle can be a great massaging tool for his sore gums. If your little one already has several teeth, this baby teething remedy comes with some risk of him biting you, so be careful!

  1. Experiment with a frozen washcloth.

Let your prince or princess gnaw on a frozen washcloth. It may sound odd, but a wet washcloth, when placed in the fridge or freezer for 30 minutes, can provide a cold, textured compress that is a perfect remedy for a teething baby. 

  1. Raid the Refrigerator.

Cold foods can provide some numbing power and relief for baby's sore gums. Try chilled yogurt or applesauce for babies who are new to solids. For toddlers, chilled vegetables or fruits with a little crunch may do the trick. Try celery, carrots, and apple wedges. Just be sure to monitor your little one, to ensure that she doesn't (literally) bite off more than she can chew. 

  1. Keep baby dry.

If your baby turns into a drool machine during teething time, take measures to ensure he stays dry and comfortable. Bring extra changes of clothes when you're on the go, or keep things simpler and arm yourself with our bandana bib power. Copper Pearl’s bibdanas are made with a fleece backing that will keep even the drooliest of babies dry all day! If you'd like to learn more about the importance of keeping your baby dry, you'll love this article!

As with all difficult stages of parenthood, try to maintain perspective. Eventually, this too shall pass. In the meantime, use the baby teething remedies mentioned above to help maintain your sanity.

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