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7 Adorable Baby Halloween Costumes

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Halloween is just a couple weeks away, so it’s time to start nailing down those Halloween costumes. As much fun as it is to dress up yourself every year, putting your baby into cute and silly costumes is definitely the highlight of the holiday. In case you don’t know what to do this year, here are 7 adorable baby Halloween costumes to give you some ideas!


How cute is this little peacock costume? It’s perfectly fun and flashy for your little baby bird. We will say this costume is probably not best for walkers, as those big bird feet look like they might be difficult for little wobbly legs to navigate.

Peacock | Halloween Image

Photo courtesy of

Pillsbury Doughboy

Your little roly poly baby is already soft and squishy, just like the Pillsbury Doughboy, so why not dress him up that way? Plus, this costume is an excellent excuse to tickle their little tummy all night.

Pillsbury Doughboy | Costume

Photo courtesy of Party City


Feeling tropical? Your beach vacation may have been cancelled this year, but you can certainly bring the vacation vibes home for Halloween this year!

Pineapple | Costume
Photo courtesy of Kohls



Your tiny tot will be as cute as a bug in this adorable and colorful snail costume. Plus, if you are going for a family theme, bug costumes are fun and easy for everyone.

Snail Costume

Photo courtesy of Party City

Little Red Riding Hood

Fairytales and tutus are a classic Halloween costume for baby girls. We love the detail and handmade attention that has gone into the sweet Little Red Riding Hood costume!

Red Riding Hood | Costume

Photo courtesy of LoverDoversBaby on Etsy


Cute babies + cute animals = a delightful Halloween costume. This one brings all the festive fun of the llama trend with a fluffy jumpsuit and bright colored tassels.

Llama | Costume

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How about a throwback? Gizmo from Gremlins is everything you need for a baby Halloween costume. He’s the perfect combo of cute, like your little one, but also, for those of us that have seen the movie, terrifying. So you are really covering your bases with this costume.


Photo courtesy of Party City

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