Creative Gender Reveal Ideas (Without Pyrotechnics)

Creative Gender Reveal Ideas (Without Pyrotechnics)

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Finding out the gender of your baby is just one of the many momentous milestones for expecting parents. Naturally, gender reveal parties have gained such popularity over the last several years as moms and dads want to celebrate such a big occasion with friends and family.

We love seeing all the creative and sweet ways couples choose to reveal their baby’s gender. If you are planning a special gender reveal of your own, check out these ideas for letting the secret out.

Confetti cannon

A confetti cannon is one of the most popular gender reveal methods, and with good reason! It’s fun and high energy, and all that confetti falling down makes for an excellent photo op. 

Just make sure you point the cannon in the right direction, because, ouch. 

Cake filling

Cutting into a pink or blue dyed cake was perhaps the first surprise gender reveal idea to hit mainstream circulation, and it’s still a classic and solid choice. 

If you aren’t a fan of food dye, whether for personal or health reasons, you could find a local baker with natural dye options, or instead opt for a cake filled with colored sprinkles inside.

Cocoa bombs

Cocoa bombs were all the rage this winter. If the weather is still chilly where you live, why not capitalize on this trend with some gender reveal cocoa bombs filled with pink or blue marshmallows?

Balloon pop

Instead of a confetti cannon, try a giant balloon filled with confetti instead. Just give it a good poke and bask in the excitement of unveiling your tiny tots gender.

Side note: opening a giant box to release a bunch of pink or blue balloons is super fun and photo worthy, but not so much the best thing for the environment. Those latex balloons end up as trash somewhere, and can be a hazard for low flying planes. Best to stick with the confetti-filled balloon pop instead.

Smoke bombs

Smoke bombs are another one that provide killer photos, hence why you will see them all over social media. Whether you throw them, smash them with a bat or hit them with a golf club, all that colored smoke billowing around makes for a dramatic gender reveal.

You can also get creative with how smoke bombs look. We’ve even seen families use smoke bombs decorated like poké balls.

Scratch cards

Custom-made scratch cards that reveal your baby’s gender will make your friends and family feel like they’ve won the lottery. 

Plus, scratch cards are easy to mail out to your loved ones if you are looking for a more socially distanced way to announce the gender, while still doing something special.


Nothing says excitement like smashing a piñata. You can fill it with colored confetti, or better yet, pink or blue candy for everyone. Plus, we’re pretty sure pregnancy cravings and tacos go hand in hand.


Star Wars fans? You can buy a pair of pink or blue lightsabers to light up for a unique gender reveal party your loved ones are sure to remember. 

Silly String

Silly string is a great one for getting your guests involved in the reveal. Hand everyone a can of pink or blue string (color disguised, of course) and count down to fire them off at the same time. 

The best part is, no matter which way you choose, you can’t go wrong! You and your loved ones will be ecstatic to find out the gender, whether it’s by cake or confetti or any other way.

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