Fall Crafts to Leaf Your Kiddos in Stitches 🍂

Fall Crafts to Leaf Your Kiddos in Stitches 🍂

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The month of October can be so fun with little ones. From pumpkin patches to creative costumes to playful projects, here are some ideas for making the season festive. 


A simple pumpkin on the porch for your child will thrill them to pieces. Consider getting one pumpkin for every member of the family, from littlest to biggest. Kids love seeing their whole family represented on the front porch, anticipating the day they will carve or paint them.     

A package of spider rings and spider-web material stretched near the front door makes an inexpensive and simple decoration. Children love placing the spiders throughout the web for a spooky touch. 

Window clings are perfect for little hands. They make an engaging activity for all ages, encourage creativity, and keep little ones busy with an activity that is on their (eye) level. 

Strands of orange, purple, or yellow lights create a magical ambiance in any room or yard. Switching regular lightbulbs out for black lights or colored lights provides an exciting bang for your buck. 

Simple Crafts

Make tissue and tootsie-pop ghosts by wrapping the top of the lollypop in the center of a white tissue and tying a piece of yarn around the base of the lollypop.  The lollypop becomes the head of the ghost, and the rest of the tissue flares out around the stick. Use a black marker to draw two oval eyes on the face to make the ghost come to life. 

Using a black sharpie, create nutritious mini jack-o-lanterns with cutie oranges! Simply draw jack-o-lantern faces on the orange peel for a perfect October treat!

Collect leaves of varying sizes and colors with your child, then iron them between two sheets of wax paper to make them last the whole season long. When the project is finished, little ones can decorate by placing the leaves on tabletops or mantles. They might also tape them to the windows to enjoy their pretty, homemade fall décor. 


Some young children select their costumes early and wear them every day for the whole month. Is there anything cuter than an excited cowboy, ballerina or spiderman at the grocery store a few weeks before Halloween? Other children don’t want to settle on just one and use their dress-ups to become something different for every event. Whatever your child’s personality, let them lead. After all, imagination fuels childhood! 

For babies, costumes that coordinate with mom and dad are always adorable. Wearing baby in a front pack, adding eight little Styrofoam legs to both sides, and wrapping a parent dressed in black with web material equals? Charlotte’s Web! Drawing black spots one a white onesie makes baby a dalmatian puppy and is perfect when mom dresses as Cruella. You get the idea!

There is so much to celebrate in October with the changing of seasons and excitement of Halloween. We hope your family will make festive, fun memories together!

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