Fun Ideas for a Socially Distanced Baby Shower (that aren’t just Zoom)

Fun Ideas for a Socially Distanced Baby Shower (that aren’t just Zoom)

A baby shower is more than just an exciting way to celebrate the coming arrival of your new tiny tot. 

Showers also provide expecting parents with some of the many, many baby supplies they will need in the coming months and years. Without a shower, purchasing all the toys, clothes and necessities can be an immense expense.

Of course, like many other celebrations, COVID is making shower plans tricky for moms and dads-to-be. But don’t fret. We’ve collected some of the best ideas for having a fun, and safe, socially distanced baby shower.

Take Caution

Just one word of caution before we share the ideas. The CDC and some other medical reports have indicated that pregnant women can be at a higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19. 

So before you plan a socially distanced shower, make sure that both you and your guests will stick to the safety guidelines and keep your distance.

Drive By or Drive In

Drive-by birthday parties and baby showers have been popular since early on in the pandemic. A drive-by still allows you to see your loved ones in person, have a short, spaced out conversation and offer a shower party favor, without having to get too close.

Or, put a twist on the drive by and do a drive in instead. If you’ve got a big open space where lots of cars can park, invite your friends to pull up and watch you open gifts or participate in shower games from their cars.

The drive in might take a little more creative thinking and coordination than a drive by, but if you’ve got the will to make it happen, then there is a way!

Take it Outdoors

Open, outdoor spaces are your safest bet for being around people outside of your COVID circle. Whether a public park or large backyard, pick a space large enough for family groups to spread out. You can designate distance with picnic blankets, balloons, or other party decorations to ensure everyone has enough room between them.

Wear Masks

We know, it’s not ideal. But if you are determined to see your loved ones safely, masks will certainly help you do it. Just make sure guests understand ahead of time that masks will be required, so they can opt out if inclined. 

Single-serve Treats

Whether buying or baking yourself, have all snacks and treats individually portioned and wrapped to prevent people from breathing on or touching someone else’s food. 

Fortunately, those professionally decorated cookies look just as cute in little cellophane baggies as they do stack on a platter.

And of course, have that hand sanitizer at the ready!

Group Gift

If you are planning a shower for someone else, this is a great idea for you. Pull together a few friends and family members and work together to deliver something extra special to the parents-to-be.

If you can’t all gather in person, you could stagger your gift deliveries so the expecting parents get a special surprise every day.

Or, if you want to all pitch in together you could knock one of the major items off their wish list, or pay for a larger experiential gift. Maybe a prenatal massage and spa day, family photography session, or contribution to a baby-moon fund.

Want to go virtual?

At the end of the day, if you just don’t feel comfortable gathering in person, you have to go with what feels right to you.

But you don’t just have to hop on Zoom. Add an extra level of fun with a virtual game night, baking class or crafting party. 

Whatever you do for your baby shower, COVID may mess with your plans, but it can’t dim the excitement of welcoming a new little nugget into your family. So stay safe, and enjoy this time!

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