Meet Our Designer Mindy

We get so many questions about how we come up with our designs! We sat down and had a little Q & A with our fabulous designer - to give you a little insight into how she gets inspiration for our patterns!

Plus we gotta know what she’s currently binge watching, right?

Question: Where did you get your inspiration for the 2021 Copper Pearl Line?  

Answer: Really, just paying attention to trends, and setting them, and rolling with the themes. Depending on what theme we’re going for, I will visit, study, or research about it and get the creative juices flowing, then start designing! A lot of thought goes in before the actual prints are made.

Question: Do you have personal favorites? 

Answer: I'm always a sucker for anything retro, which is good, because that is what is trending. Ferra, is my personal fave. 

Question: How do you decide on the final designs each year? Is that tough? Do you cut a lot of them out? 

Answer: Even if we don’t use certain prints, I always save them for later. You never know when you can use them by tweaking colors or adding to them for something new! You can never have too many designs! 

Question: Where are your happy places? In the mountains or the beach? 

Answer: 100% the Beach. But living by the Mountains, I do enjoy them too! I am a sucker for farm life too. 

Question: What are your individual design styles? 

Answer: Anything retro, modern, colorful, playful. 

Question: What are you currently bingeing on Netflix?

Answer: I know I’m like the only one to say this, but I don’t own Netflix! I am currently watching The Goldbergs on Hulu, and LOVE it. I’m a total Beverly. 

Question: What's one thing you can't live without? Diet Coke? Daily Naps? Anything will do :D

Answer: I can’t live without going to the gym everyday! It’s something my mind and body need! I am also a coconut water junkie. I know, I know, lame right? Who am I? 

Question: Are there any launches you're super excited about? Any sneak peeks? 

Answer: This year, we’re revamping a few designs. I’m super excited about those and we have one line in particular that I’m super excited about. We can’t give you sneak peeks - but I can give you a hint: think Land Before Time!