Mother's Day Note to our Copper Pearl Mamas

Mother's Day Note to our Copper Pearl Mamas

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Happy Mother’s Day, Copper Pearl mamas! 

I wanted to write a quick message of encouragement to all of you this year. It is an absolute thrill owning a company that is 100% focused on new babies and young children. There is nothing more charming than seeing all of your precious bundles swaddled in, drooling on and spitting-up on our products. And I mean that! 

Little ones are the joy of all joys! I am keenly aware of this truth as the mother of six children who are growing up before my very eyes. Little ones have a special spark about them. They bring smiles, energy and enthusiasm everywhere they go! 

The privilege of motherhood is a wonder! The role of mother doesn’t come on slowly, it comes on suddenly. It’s that moment when we first lay eyes upon the living human who is ours, and our souls connect, and we know with our whole hearts that we will never be the same again. Motherhood is a tsunami rising, cresting, and swallowing every fiber of our being in an instant. It is a remarkable feeling! 

As we learn, our little ones learn. As we stretch ourselves, they accept us where we’re at. As we love, and serve, and give of ourselves in the wee hours of the morning, they learn to trust us. It isn’t easy. But it is worth it! The work mothers do day in and day out, in daylight and darkness, while people are watching, or when we are all alone doing the invisible work no one notices until it isn’t done… all that work is important! It is valid and challenging and meaningful. 

This Mother’s Day, I mainly wish to say, Copper Pearl sees you!  We see how excited you expectant mamas are, how much desire and hope those of you struggling with infertility feel, and how crazy obsessed you new mamas are with your perfect babies. We cheer all of you on! 

I hope this Mother’s Day women everywhere will find something simple to appreciate. For the simple things, like the sparkle in one’s eyes when they smile, really are the reward. 

Happy Mother’s Day 2021!

VP Copper Pearl

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