One Momma’s Touching NICU story

One Momma’s Touching NICU story

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At Copper Pearl, we find true joy in making our products a helpful and comforting part of families’ lives. Every customer’s story and review is a special reminder of that. 

Some stories really drive home what a personal difference our small business can make for mommas and babies, and this one touched our hearts. It’s stories like hers that motivate us to keep on working hard and loving what we do! Thank you!


I would like to simply take the time to thank this company for making such a worthwhile product. 

My first born came into this world on February 15th, 2020 via an emergency cesarean with a delivery situation that almost claimed both of our lives. My little boy and I had a placental infarction develop (a large blood clot) form on our placenta right where the umbilical cord connects sometime in our last trimester. 

This created major issues with blood flow to my baby and caused my placenta to start to die, which in turn caused intrauterine growth restriction - meaning that my womb would not grow with my little one. He was born full term, but only weighed 4lbs 7oz. 

All of this went undetected. As he went into distress, so did I. He swallowed meconium and I developed preeclampsia within 24 hours of birth. I started to bleed out on the way to the hospital.

All of this landed us in the NICU. He had to have pressure via a machine to keep his lungs open to clear the meconium, a heating chamber as he could not regulate his temperature on his own, as well as he had to overcome a poor suckle reflex to be able to eat without a feeding tube. And then there were concerns about his neurological, hearing and vision status.

I am happy to report that we are finally home and have conquered every obstacle.

Your swaddles meant life for my little one. As he was able to start to get enough calories to help regulate his temperature, we were able to place clothes on him to wean him off of the heating element in his unit. 

In my hospital bag I had packed the two Copper Pearl swaddles that I purchased during pregnancy. The nurses wanted him swaddled at all times - and though we are home his temperature regulation is still a huge issue - so he remains swaddled here as well. 

Your swaddles were perfect for us and his situation. They were breathable enough to allow him not to sweat - which would cause another temperature issue for us - but stretched enough to give us multiple layers to keep him warm and create a snug wrap.

Our NICU nurses loved his Swift and Evergreen swaddles so much that they made a paper beard and took pictures with him, as they thought he looked like a little lumberjack. I then surprised them by ordering the Jack and Lumberjack swaddles, which arrived during his stay in the NICU. 

They are all in love with your swaddles too now and will be recommending them to parents who have children in the NICU who are suffering from temperature regulation issues in the future.

I cannot say thank you enough! His temperature regulation will continue to be a struggle for us at home for at least the first 3-6 months of life. I cannot wait to get him the Hudson, Aspen, Scout and Jude prints as soon as we bounce back from a two-week stay in the NICU - we were traveling 4 times and 1 hour each way per day to be with my little guy.

Once again I cannot begin to ever express how grateful my husband and I are for your company and products!

Cassaundra C.

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