Taking Care of Baby: Spit Up

Taking Care of Baby: Spit Up

Why is my little one spitting up so much? 

Let’s face it - google is your best friend as a new mother. It can feel like you’re typing in every single question throughout the day, when you first bring your new one home. 

One of the biggest questions we know from our Copper Pearl momma’s is why is my baby spitting up so much? What’s normal? What isn’t? And how do we avoid it all over our clothes? 

We pulled some tips and information from the Mayo clinic and we’re here to relay them to you, so we can hopefully save you a google (or two). 

What’s normal? 

In the first three months of your little one’s life - it’s very common they will spit up (and often).  Until the baby’s esophagus & stomach muscles completely mature - it’s probable your young one will spit up at least half of it’s stomach contents. 

How do you know it’s spitting up versus vomiting? 

Spitting up is the very natural flow of your baby’s stomach pushing the contents out - it will come like a dribble. Vomiting is more forceful, and it usually seems like it’s shooting out versus dribbling out. 

How Do We Keep the Drips & Drools at Bay? 

There are several ways you can keep your clothes safe during the dreaded spit up phase of your baby’s life. 

  1. Burp baby as frequently as possible after feeding to help get all gassy bubbles out of that tiny belly. 
  2. Use the right diaper size - if we’ve got something too tight on that tiny belly it can cause extra pressure. 
  3. Feed your little bundle - more often, with smaller servings. 
  4. Be Prepared with a solid burp cloth. Spitting up is going to happen. But here at Copper Pearl we’ve got your back (literally and figuratively).  We’ve got some wide burp cloths that work well for both mothers and fathers. They cover the entire shoulder and the thick three layers of fabric really help to absorb the spit up dribbles. 
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