Tips for Getting the Best Baby Photos on Christmas Morning

Tips for Getting the Best Baby Photos on Christmas Morning

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Tips for Getting the Best Baby Photos on Christmas Morning

In all the excitement of presents and Santa on Christmas morning, it can be easy to forget to snap a few photos. But on such a special day, of course you want to document everything! So to make sure you capture the moment and have something to look back on to remember the festivities, here are some tips for getting the best baby photos on Christmas morning.

Plan ahead

Make sure your camera or phone is charging the night before and that you have plenty of memory space. Check your camera settings ahead of time to make sure it’s ready to go.

Light it up

Check if there is enough lighting in your living room or wherever you open presents. Find the best angle to shoot from that will provide the best lighting on your family. Use natural light as much as you can, but add a lamp or other light if needed. 

Clear it out

With all the present wrapping, holiday activities and last-minute gift buying, it’s easy for our homes to rack up some clutter around the holidays. But a pile of random junk in the corner is going to detract from your family photos. So take some time the day before to clear the clutter around your Christmas tree, even if that means you just shove it in some other corner out of sight.

Study photos

Take a look on Pinterest at other’s holiday photos. See which poses and groupings you like, what kind of color scheme or outfits you want, and other elements that you may want to copy for your photos. It’s easier to frame a good shot when you already have in mind what it should look like.

Get down low

Get down on your kids’ level for their photos and capture what the world looks like from their eyes. Birds eye view photos of them opening presents won’t hold the same magic or good framing. You want to take pictures that tell the story of the morning, and getting on their level is the best way to get the details, expressions and more.

Just shoot, and then stop

Not every photo needs to be perfectly crafted before you click. Just keep taking pictures of the morning and you’re bound to get some good ones. And then, put the camera down. Capturing the moment and saving the memories is important, but not as important as spending time with your family and holding your little one.

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