I have this funny feeling that right about now you may be slightly puzzled.  "What exactly," you may be asking yourself, "is the difference between a bandana bib and a regular baby bib?"  Ah.  Good question.  I'm so glad you asked.  You've come to the right place, my friend, to the fountain from which all baby bib knowledge flows.

To put it simply, the baby bibs our generation grew up sporting were purely functional. They were there to keep spaghetti sauce off of our onesies at dinner time.  They served their purpose, sometimes cumbersomely and oftentimes ineffectively, always with some cheesy phrase or pattern plastered across our chests.   But what about those of us who were drool meisters?  Messy on-the-go snackers? Or, worst of all . . . wait for it . . . spit uppers?  For those of us who fit in those categories, cheesy bibs may sadly show up in more than the high chair photos in our baby books. 

Enter our bandana bibs.  The bibs for a hipper, très chic baby generation.  Our kids don't have to sacrifice style for functionality.  Instead, they get the best of both worlds:  they get to accessorize.  With the assistance of bandana bibs, baby can drool all day, stay completely dry, and look stylish at the same time.

If you're just looking to keep spaghetti sauce off a t-shirt, a regular bib may be your garment of choice.  If you're looking to photograph your young Casanova dancing with the bride at your cousin's wedding, while simultaneously keeping him looking hip, and shielding the bride's $10,000 dress, a set of bandana bibs may be in order.

From park play dates, to special occasions, keep baby fashion forward in every moment, while making your life as a parent easier.  Copper Pearl's got you covered.  Looking for baby shower gift ideas? We take the guesswork out with our blog post offering the top 5 baby shower gift ideas!