Picture this:  you've spent a solid thirty minutes raiding baby's closet to assemble the perfect ensemble for today's lunch date.  It's an important one, because you're meeting up with an old college friend; you haven't seen each other in years.  You may not have lost that baby weight yet, but your offspring is going to look sensational.  Thirty minutes unnecessarily spent?  Um.  Probably.  But we digress.  This tale is approaching its climax, because about five minutes after you've dressed the adorable one, who was supposed to be the distraction from your yoga pants, she's soaked in drool.  That perfectly selected ensemble?  It now looks more like a soggy mess.

We're willing to wager that the above scenario isn't too overly dramatized.  Haven't we all been there?  Probably one main purpose of baby bibs is to assist with keeping a little one's clothes dry and clean.  At Copper Pearl, we've designed our bandana bibs with a fleece backing.  Our fleece baby bibs do an exceptional job of keeping baby dry all day, without the discomfort (or, let's be real, the obnoxious sound) of a plastic layer.

It turns out that the importance of keeping baby dry extends beyond fashion.  While you may be worried about the soggy appearance of your little one's romper, she may actually be experiencing discomfort from the wet clothing resting on her sensitive skin.  Using fleece baby bibs can actually help prevent potential redness, chaffing, and even peeling that can occur when baby doesn't stay dry.  It's amazing, isn't it?  That something so simple can make such a big difference in the health of baby's skin? 

And of course, a fleece-backed bibdana can also keep baby looking stylish and cute . . . in the original ensemble that you wasted so lovingly spent thirty minutes assembling. Also, if you're wondering about remedies for teething babies - check out our blog post here!