We may be biased, but we think our bandana bibs are one of the most versatile baby fashion items on the market.  From sweet, to edgy, to sophisticated, a fashionable bandana bib can be the perfect accessory to complete any look.  Are you hunting for ideas on how to style your little one in their new fashion accessory?  Look no further.  We've assembled some of our favorite looks below:

  1. Punk Rock Prince or Princess


To accomplish this look, pair a fun, screen-printed tee with a pair of skinnies and high-topped boots or tennis shoes.  (A fitted, screen-printed romper works perfectly as well!)  Fold the bibdana (to give it a scarf-like flare), or swoop it to the side, for that perfect, "I'm hitting the stage with Gwen Stefani in five minutes," look.  A spiky hairdo, or cool cap, can add even more dimension to the ensemble.  Who wouldn't want to party at the playground with a tot donning this style?!      

  1. Nursery School Skater


Distressed denim, paired with a beanie, is the key to achieving this look.  Keep it classic skater with a pair of Vans, or update it with leather moccasins.  Plush sidekicks are completely optional.   

  1. Mostly Monochromatic Mister or Miss

This is one of our all-time favorite ways to style our fashionable bandana bibs, and it's also one of the easiest!  As an added bonus, it's also a perfect way to jazz up some of the pieces in baby's closet that can start to feel boring.  Simply start with a basic outfit in monochromatic tones:  blacks, whites, and grays.  Then add an unexpected pop of color and--voila! 

  1. Preschool Prepster

A freshly-pressed button down, paired with dark denim, is the perfect, preppy accompaniment to one of our bibdanas.  Style your little one's locks in a sleek, side-swept hairdo for added effect.  In a look like this, you can send your little guy off to preschool with confidence.  He's bound to achieve teacher's pet status at first sight!

  1. Wonderful in a Onesie

Raise your hand if your baby has a million onesies in her top drawer!  Now raise your hand if your baby has delectable fat rolls that you want to squeeze and cover with kisses all day long!  OK.  You don't have to raise your hand.  But seriously.  We've never met a baby with a onesie shortage.  And there are few things more adorable than baby chub squeezed into one.  With the assistance of a baby bandana bib, one of those lackluster onesies can go from blah to ta-da!  

Have your own favorite way to style our bibdanas?  Share a photo on Instagram and give us a shout out @copperpearl!