Celebrity Baby Style

Celebrity Baby Style

Celebrity Baby Style

When it comes to comparing myself to celebrities, I kind of feel like parenthood is the great equalizer.  Regardless of how many pairs of Versace stilettos celebrity moms have stashed in their closets, they are still tackling the world's toughest job the same way you and I are--one day at a time.  Maybe that's why it's so fun to see celebs in their parenting element.  It makes them seem more approachable and real. 

Let's face it.  Rich and famous parents have the ability to shower their kids with the best of everything.  That's why it's so refreshing when we see celebrity baby trends that are affordable for more than the Hollywood starlet.  Here are five we've noticed lately that we hope you'll love as much as we do:

  1. Bright and Beautiful


When Amy Richardson started an Etsy shop selling soft and trendy baby clothing and accessories, she likely never dreamed it would grow into the booming company it has become.  Her hip children's line, June and January, is embraced by celebrity clientele.   Most recently, we spotted Kourtney Kardashian's little one sporting some of this line's vivid and hip clothing.

  1. A Royal Return to Vintage Classics



Is anyone else as obsessed with the royal family as I am?!  Well, all obsessions aside, I think we can safely agree that Prince George and Princess Charlotte know how to rock a royal photo shoot.  At Copper Pearl, we're gaga over George's knee socks and Charlotte's precious christening gown.  The best part about their  look?  While it can definitely be bought in high dollar baby boutiques, it can also be thrifted for the real, vintage deal at a fraction of the cost.  Try ebay, Etsy, or your local thrift store!

  1. Strollin' in Style



If you haven't checked out Baby Jogger's City Mini line of strollers, take a hint from the numerous celebs who push their little ones in this brand's trusty rides.  With oversized sun shades, exceptional storage space, and quality durability, these strollers are the perfect fit for any family (famous or not) with small children.

  1. Easygoing in an Ergo


With the help of the folks at Ergobaby, baby carrying has never looked so hip, nor been so comfortable and easy.  Droves of celebrities seem to agree.  The Ergo comes in a variety of color choices, and can support newborns to preschoolers in front, side, and back carrying positions.  The best part?  It gives moms and dads extra snuggle time, while allowing them the freedom to stay on the go.  Our guess is celebrity babies get lulled to sleep as easily in this magic tool as our own.    

  1. Chic in a Copper Pearl Bandana Bib

Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne's granddaughter, Andy, styling in a bib from our Blush set

Tom’s founder Blake Mycoskie with his son styling a bib from our Aztec set

You don't have to take our word for it.  Celebrities agree that our bandana bibs are the perfect way to keep their babies fashion forward and completely dry from drool.  Our fashionable and functional bibdanas are stylish on celebrity babies, and they'll look smashing on your little lady or gent, too!     


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