Behind each of our bibdana sets is something  that sparked the creativity of its design.  At Copper Pearl, we want each of our sets to feel truly unique and special.  After seeing the inspiration behind some of our creations, we hope you'll be able to catch the reflection of our muses in our products.

The inspiration behind our Paris set?  The city of LOVE, but of course!  Audrey Hepburn once said, "Paris is always a good idea," and we have to whole-heartedly agree.  Everything about Paris is divine.  (Or should we say très chic?)  We wanted to evoke the beautiful, feminine qualities of this iconic city in our set, while giving a nod to the high fashion world it so flawlessly houses. 


Also inspired by our love for travel?  Our Indie set.  Doesn't the word India instantly evoke thoughts of rich colors, textures, and vivid motifs?  We certainly think so, and we tried to capture this same feeling in this set's included fabrics. 

In designing our Aztec set, we didn't have to look very far for inspiration.  Aztec prints are one of the hottest fashion trends on the market right now.  You see them everywhere:  on handbags, leggings, sweaters, you name it, and we didn't think it was fair for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers to miss out on all the fun.  Determined to translate this popular pattern to a set of bibs, we went the extra mile and made sure it was a set that girls and boys could equally rock.

One last source of inspiration we'd like to highlight?  Definitely Mother Nature's amazing color palette.  Our solid sets are our nod to the beautiful hues we see appearing naturally all around us.  From the blues, grays, and greens of the ocean (reflected in our Oxford set) to the more vivid corals and pinks of springtime (given their due in our Jewel set), at Copper Pearl, we've found a visual feast of inspiration by just looking around this beautiful world that we are so lucky to call home.