Meet Our Multi-Use Cover

Meet Our Multi-Use Cover

Motherhood is beautiful, but it's busy. It's moments of euphoric bliss, interspersed with what can feel like utter chaos. We know, because we've been there. Heck, we're there now! Sometimes, a little something comes along to make mommyhood easier . . . and . . . you guys, we are proud to say that our newest product does just that. Meet our multi-use cover: one product used three ways, to make your baby's life better and your life easier. Excited? So are we!

1) Car Seat Cover

Made with a high-quality, stretchy rayon blend fabric, our multi-use cover protects your baby while you're on the go. Shield baby from the winter elements, or shade him from the heat in the summer time; our fabric choice is ideal for every season. When baby falls asleep on the go, use the cover to protect his sleep, by turning his car seat into an insulated napping cocoon.   While running errands, keep well-meaning (but germy) stranger hands at bay, while still easily checking on your little one through the top opening.      

 car seat cover nursing cover shopping cart cover

2) Nursing Cover

There are infants who are easy to nurse on the go, and there are infants that make public nursing (while maintaining a shred of dignity) seem impossible. Whatever category your babe falls into, we think you'll love using our multi-use cover during feeding time.   The breathable fabric keeps both mama and baby comfortable, while providing full coverage for extra privacy. Thanks to the stretchy fabric, you can still easily access your baby to ensure proper latch, or for any other adjustments.

car seat cover nursing cover shopping cart cover

3) Shopping Cart Cover

It's cold and flu season, people. And I don't think any of us want to really know what's lurking on those shopping carts that we're parking our toddlers in, while we do laps around Target. Our cover provides a sanitary barrier between your little one and all those germs. As an added bonus, the extra soft fabric is perfect for your tot to snuggle in, while you restock the pantry.    

 car seat cover nursing cover shopping cart cover

Folding to a convenient, compact size, this is an item that doesn't take up precious space in your purse or diaper bag. We believe in creating products of value, and we think you'll love getting essentially three items for the price of one with our multi-use cover. This is an absolute must-have for all mamas!  


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