We never thought we’d be trying to find ideas to occupy ourselves during a pandemic… but here we are.

Being quarantined at home can lead to long, challenging and monotonous days, and many of us are having trouble coming up with new, creative things to do with our little ones (while staying inside), and especially with multiple children of different ages and interests. Add to that the stress of homeschooling, or trying to work from home while watching your children (or both!). It’s a tough time for us all!


So, whether you are juggling homeschooling an older child and trying to occupy your toddler, or holding your sleeping newborn hoping his big brother will be quiet, or just trying to get some work done without distraction, we hope this small activity can help ease your stress. Straight from us to you, here are a few coloring pages of everyone's favorite Copper Pearl prints, available for you to print as many and as often as you like.

This pandemic is challenging all around, and we hope you feel the love and support of the entire Copper Pearl community every time you use our baby products. We support you and are here for you.


Check back regularly as we’ll add more Coloring Pages as often as we can!


Click here to access the coloring pages. 

CLICK HERE to access the new coloring pages as of JUNE 2020