Baby Blanket Comparison Guide

From comfort, to safety, to play, a baby blanket can serve many different purposes. Not to mention, your little one’s blanket needs will change as they grow. In our book, there’s no such thing as too many baby blankets!

That’s why we offer four different kinds: the swaddle, the security, the three-layer and the jumbo three-layer. With four options, we’ve got something to suit any situation. 

You can use this baby blanket comparison guide to define exactly where each blanket shines best, and to see how our products compare to others.  Let’s take a look!

Swaddle Blanket

Swaddle blankets are a newborn essential. Swaddles are specifically designed to wrap securely around your tiny tot to help them sleep safe and sound. The swaddle blanket helps newborns feel comfortable because it mimics your loving touch, as well as assists with temperature regulation.

Copper Pearl vs Others

At Copper Pearl, we firmly believe we have one of the best swaddle blankets on the market. With a generous size, breathable material, premium quality and tons of adorable designs, we’re proud to offer this amazing swaddle blanket for you and your littles. 

If you want to learn more about the benefits of swaddling, check out this blog post!

Security Blanket

At 16x16 inches, our security blankets are the perfect portable companion for your baby. Also known as "loveys", security blankets are a soft and soothing comfort item, whether baby is feeling fussy at home or venturing out into unfamiliar places.

Copper Pearl vs Others

All of our security blankets come in a pack of two, so you always have a backup at the ready when one needs to be washed. A second lovey will also save the day from a monumental meltdown if one gets lost.

Three-layer Quilt

The three-layer quilt is a go-to baby blanket. Made for bedtime, our quilts measure 46 x 46 inches to grow with your baby from infant to toddler and even beyond. They come in a variety of designs and colors, so you are sure to find one for any nursery color scheme or design theme.

Copper Pearl vs Others

Three soft layers for three times the comfort. Our cozy three-layer quilts are perfect for keeping warm on cold nights. And like all Copper Pearl products, these blankets are made with premium materials for maximum softness and snuggles. 

Jumbo Three-layer Quilt

As you have probably guessed, our jumbo three-layer quilt is just like the standard three-layer quilt, only larger! Why? Because babies aren’t the only ones that love the cozy comfort of our blankets. The jumbo three-layer quilt is 60 x 72 inches, meaning it’s large enough for the whole family.

Copper Pearl vs Others

With a trendy pattern on one side and a simple, classic style on the other, our jumbo quilts make an extra soft throw blanket for any room in your home. In fact, you may want to go ahead and buy more than one to avoid any fights over the best blanket!