Benefits of Swaddling Baby

Swaddling is typically one of the very first tricks new moms and dads add to their parenting tool belts. But why is swaddling so important? Read on to find out.

Benefits of Swaddling

Calm and Comfort

A good swaddle helps your little one feel safe and secure. Not only can swaddling soothe them if they are feeling fussy, it can also help them fall, and stay, asleep. And good sleep habits are beneficial for everyone involved.

Swaddling also helps calm baby because it mimics the feeling of being warm and secure in the womb. So much change can be hard on so little a person!

Soothing Touch

Speaking of mimicry, swaddling also reminds your snuggle bug of your own loving touch. Human touch has its own powers to lower heart rates and stress levels, and physical touch is crucial to a baby’s healthy development. 

Temperature Regulation

Temperature regulation is so important to keeping baby comfortable and creating good sleeping conditions. However, choosing the right swaddle blanket is key. Make sure it’s a high-quality, breathable fabric intended for swaddling (like one of our very own swaddle blankets!)

SIDS Safety*

A proper swaddle helps keep your little one safely sleeping on their back. “Proper” being the keyword, so make sure you’ve got that swaddling technique down. However, once they start to roll over or break free of the swaddle, it’s best to stop swaddling and keep any loose blankets out of the crib.

Startling Effects

You know when you dream you are falling, and even after you wake up you still have that startled, falling feeling in your gut? Well, that feeling randomly happens to babies fairly often in the first few months. This is called the Moro reflex, and it can cause your baby to move suddenly in their sleep and wake themselves up. Swaddling restricts movement, so they are less likely to jolt awake.