Hospital Go-Bag Essentials

If your due date is fast approaching, you’ve probably started to think about what all needs to be included in your hospital go-bag. For first time parents, it can be hard to know what you’ll actually need, and what will end up just sitting in your bag untouched. So before you over- or under pack, check out this list of hospital go bag essentials.

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Baby Blanket + Swaddle

Hospital rooms are often cold, so you definitely want to pack a soft baby blanket to keep your new bundle of joy warm. Plus it makes your skin-to-skin cuddle time all the more cozy.

In addition, pack a swaddle blanket so you can keep baby feeling safe and calm, and also get in some practice with your wrapping technique.

Going Home Outfit

We know you are excited to dress baby up in alllll the cute outfits you’ve purchased, but you really only need to bring one or two to keep your nugget cozy and to come home in. 

Our soft and stretchy newborn knotted gowns are nice for keeping baby snug, while also allowing easy access to his little body for the nurses to keep an eye on things, thanks to the tie-up bottom and head-to-toe snaps. In fact, many NICU parents have written to us saying how well our gowns work with tubes and monitors. They also have fold-over hand mittens to prevent baby from accidentally scratching. 

And don’t forget a matching hat because they’re just so adorable!

Burp Cloth + Pacifier

A burp cloth is necessary for taking care of spit up, a normal and common part of newbornhood. We’ve made our burp cloths extra absorbent and oversized and we’re sure you’ll love them. 

Bringing a variety of pacifiers to the hospital can be a smart idea because each baby tends to prefer a different size and shape. We carry binky clips to keep those pacis from getting away.

Car Seat Cover

Adjusting to the bright outside world from mom’s dark and safe womb can be a bit of a shock to the little one. A car seat cover can help shield them from cold, rain, sunlight, or whatever weather you walk out into from the hospital. The cover also protects baby from well-meaning strangers and other elements. 

As an added bonus, our car seat covers also function as a nursing cover, a shopping cart cover, a high chair cover, and an infinity scarf.

Essentials for Mom

Moms, don’t neglect to pack a few essentials for yourself. Top of the list is cozy pjs, slippers, and a loose, lounge dress to go home in. You should also pack a nursing bra, breast pads, and some postpartum panties. Trust us, no one is a fan of those mesh ones the hospital provides.

If family members and friends plan to stop by and visit (be sure to check with your hospital on current COVID policies!), you may also want to pack a couple comfy and supportive tops and bottoms, unless you are comfortable with visitors seeing you in your hospital gown.

And of course, practical items like a cell phone charger, insurance card, and whatever essential toiletries you want, including hand sanitizer and moisture balm.

The Bag

Still in need of the perfect bag to put it all in? We are big fans of The Weekender bag by Fawn Design.