The Best Baby Shower Gifts from Copper Pearl

The Best Baby Shower Gifts from Copper Pearl

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Finding the perfect baby shower gift is not always easy. If the expecting parents don’t create a registry, or the registry is a bit out of your price range, it can be hard to know what to get. Especially if you haven’t started a family of your own yet and don’t have personal experience with what products are the most helpful.

Fortunately, we know a thing or two about baby products and what new parents would love to have. Consider this your cheat sheet to the best baby shower gifts from Copper Pearl.

5 in 1 Cover

We cannot say enough about what a great gift these covers make. Our multi-purpose covers serve 5 different functions, which guarantees they get used over and over again. Not to mention, 5 in 1 means they only need to carry around one single item to do the work of five.

What are these five functions you ask? It’s a car seat cover, a nursing cover, a shopping cart cover, a high chair cover, and an infinity scarf. It’s basically magic.


Swaddles are a must-have for every new baby. Swaddling helps baby feel calm, comfortable and safe. It can also calm them if they get fussy, and help them sleep better.

When it comes to choosing a swaddle blanket, you want to make sure it’s made with a lightweight, breathable fabric that won’t cause the little nugget to overheat. That’s why ours are made with premium materials, plus they come in tons of cute patterns and solids.

Burp Cloth

There’s no avoiding spit up, but you can ensure your loved one’s tiny tot spits up in style. With multiple, extra-absorbent layers and a generous size, these burp cloths have both mama and baby covered when spit happens. Any new parent would appreciate having a couple extra on hand.

Bandana Bibs

Bibs are another essential for keeping baby dry and clean. Why give someone a less-absorbent bib when you can gift them a drool-proof Copper Pearl bandana bib? With a water-proof fleece lining on the back to protect a drooly baby's clothing, our bibs save parents from several outfit changes a day. They can also prevent skin irritations on baby's chest & neck by keeping them dry and comfortable.

100% cute and 100% practical, bandana bibs make a perfect present for any baby shower. They are soft, trendy, absorbent, and our 4-packs are guaranteed to make everyone “awww” when the gift is opened.

Security Blanket / Lovey

Here’s the secret to a perfect security blanket - have two. That way, when one gets dirty and needs a wash, or heaven forbid gets lost somewhere, parents have a backup and can avoid that impending meltdown.

That’s why we sell our lovey’s in packs of two. The manageable 16x16 inch size makes taking them on the go a breeze, and they come in the same trendy and adorable Copper Pearl patterns you love.

Still not sure? When in doubt, give a gift card!

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