Winter Baby Skin Care

Winter Baby Skin Care

Winter weather means colder temperatures and drier air. Here’s how to protect your baby’s sensitive skin during winter.

Watch out for other offenders

Winter weather isn’t the only thing that can dry out your little one’s skin. Other culprits include spending too much time in the bath and the dry air from the heater in your home. Your tiny tot could also have sensitivities to chemicals or fragrances in lotions and other baby products. 

Be extra careful to avoid or limit these other irritants during the winter months when baby’s skin is more likely to dry out.

Keep them hydrated

Babies younger than 4-6 months only need breastmilk to keep hydrated, but beyond that, they need to be drinking water as well. Making sure they stay hydrated is key to keeping their skin hydrated.


Choose a moisturizer with no fragrance and as little chemicals as possible, and make sure you lotion your little one up after bathtime. For extra dry skin, try an ointment or cream and apply twice a day if needed.

Check your detergent

Laundry detergent with fragrances and harsh chemicals can irritate baby’s skin too. Opt for a gentler, baby-friendly brand instead. 

Protect against drool

Drool can dry out their skin as well. This means in the winter they are more likely to get chapped lips and noses. To protect their little baby nose, smear some petroleum jelly onto their mouth before heading out into the cold. 

Keeping your little one’s stroller or carrier covered helps protect against the cold and wind as well!

Get a humidifier

With the heater going all day, the air in your home gets very dry. Try adding a humidifier to baby’s room to help reintroduce some moisture into the air.*

Just a few extra steps can help keep your baby’s skin soft and smooth year round. If you see any extreme dryness, or irritation that isn’t improving, be sure and talk with your pediatrician.